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Every business wants to have a strong connection to their customers. Introducing custom apps tailored to meet your customers’ needs is a great way to increase loyalty. Customers gravitate toward companies that stay up-to-date and revise their strategies as industry trends change globally. From food chains to banks, restaurants to hotels, educational institutes to small or medium enterprises, our web app developers have experience with a variety of projects and clients. We develop complex apps for your business and inventory management systems. Getting a custom app developed for your business will help leverage your investments and highlight your presence in the global market, allowing your customers to search and compare the best available deals.

Why Sajiton?

Here at Sajiton, we follow standard rules of coding and an organized framework for each web application from inception to completion. This helps us code sites that are comprehensible for any programmer. Unlike other web app development companies, our programmers follow the same coding best practices, which guarantee a consistent and reliable product. If we were to introduce a programmer to an existing app, he or she could easily comprehend and edit it due to standard coding. Due to unified coding standards, another programmer could expand the app further without facing any complications. After the app is completed, we transfer all rights to you. We will also provide you with complete documentation for migration and scalability. Before we hand over the app to you, we complete a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, including debugging, quality assurance, security, and stress testing.

Do I need a Web App?

Web apps are not only meant to increase flexibility and convenience for existing clients; they can also be of great help if you are looking to increase your customer base by offering convenient online solutions. Businesses can offer innovative solutions to cater to their customers’ needs by offering them a custom app. You don’t even need to staff a human resources department to manage your inventory, stock management, sales, operations, or internal business functions. However, you certainly need a web app if you want a better and stronger online presence.

The Application Develpment Process

The moment you contact us for developing a web app for your business we will dedicate a member to you who will serve as your direct contact throughout the rest of the project from idea to execution. They will guide you step-by-step in setting milestones and meeting your business requirements. The app development process starts by building a Roadmap, where you will define your application, specify the purpose of its development, and scale your future plans for implementation. After we understand your business, we will need further details about your target audience and third party gateway preferences—this will enable us to operate in the most efficient way possible. The final required component is your wire frame or sketch, where you explain the functionality of your site (i.e. how you want it work).  After we have all the data we need, we will:

  • Select Technology

    Select Technology

  • Structure

    Create a structure for web app

  • Timelines

    Set timelines

  • Design interface

    Create the design interface

  • Develope your App

    Develop your app

  • Debugging

    Complete quality assurance, testing, and debugging

Our Expertise

Each app we build is well-planned and carefully executed to bring significant revenue to businesses and advertisers on a large scale. We’ve helped our clients reach hundreds of potential customers and businesses while staying within their budgets. A well-built web app increases brand popularity among customers and can build strong customer loyalty. We develop awesome web apps for:

  • Social Networks

    Social Networks

  • e-commerce

    E-commerce sites / shopping carts

  • blog

    Blogs/forums and Pole

  • Content Management Syatem

    Content management systems

  • Games

    Engaging games

  • Banking

    Online Banking

Technologies We Use

These web apps are built in two parts; one faces the visitor (Client Side Scripting), and the other is integrated on the server (Server Side Scripting).

Client Side Scripting / Coding Uses

  • CSS

    Cascading Style Sheet

  • html

    HyperText Markup Language

  • Java Script


  • Ajax

    Asynchronous Javascript and Xml

  • jQuery


  • Mootools


Server Side Scripting / Coding Uses

  • PHp

    Prehypertext Preprocessor

  • Zend Framework

    Zend Framework

  • Ruby on rails

    Ruby on Rails

  • Perl

    Practical Extraction andReport Language

  • ASp

    Active Server Pages

  • ASP .net

    ASP .net

  • python


  • Cold Fusion


Our skills are not limited to businesses only—we are more than happy to manage entertainment and promotional projects.

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