Digital Marketing

Forget Paper, Get digital- Be secure:

Sajiton’s Mobile Marketing team aims to enhance and add value to your marketing program by offering mobile solutions to a mobile audience. Coupons? Vouchers? Plastic loyalty cards? They’re a thing of the past. Who wants to keep up with a packed wallet full of cards? Getting a digital wallet allows your customers to maintain discount coupons, vouchers and cards and have on-the-go access from their pocket…anywhere around the globe!

Multi Channel

Multi-Channel Marketing:

With Sajiton, you have access to a Multi-Channel Messaging service with powerful Marketing Automation technologies. But running your own marketing campaigns may not sound like a walk in the park, or you simply may not have the time, and hiring someone to do it for you may be well over your budget. Sajiton now offers an ideal solution! Our Campaign Management service pairs you with one of our very own trained marketing professionals to run your campaigns for you at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a marketing specialist. Our battle-tested experts have seen what works and what doesn’t and know how to maximize our system to bring you the best results. Benefit from our knowledge of best practices in marketing.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are compatible with cross platforms and are ideal for managing extended programs on Apple Passbook and Google Wallet. Digital wallets also have a longer product life than ever before. As long as your customer has access to a mobile phone, your coupons, loyalty cards, and tickets are at their fingertips.

Getting a mobile wallet will help your business by:

  • Increased Sales

    Increasing customer base and sales:

    Target a larger audience through web and mobile solutions and create programs directed toward a larger target audience.

  • Driving Easy Adoptiions

    Driving easy adoption:

    Identify your market and improve brand awareness by offering easy access to membership programs, digital coupons, cards, and vouchers.

  • Improving Efficency

    Improving efficiency:

    Reduce printing and distribution expenses, including the delivery of boarding passes, entry coupons, discount tickets and much more.

  • Mob Marketing

    Developing convenient and flexible solutions:

    Increase brand loyalty by giving your customers what they want. Providing time-sensitive information regarding savings and other promotions can boost profits and increase demand generation.

Loyalty Programs

Get Mobile, Sell More:

At Sajiton, we are mobile marketing leaders who create highly effective and efficient marketing platforms featuring rich SMS and text messaging. A mobile phone is the most personal asset for any consumer; you should value the fact that you have access to one of your customer’s most beloved possessions. If you strategically plan and execute the right mobile marketing mix, you can heavily influence what your customers think and feel about your brand. We have tested numerous methods and innovative solutions that will yield rapid sales and satisfied customers.

  • Mobile Keywords

    Mobile Keywords:

    Create a unique keyword to be sent to a short code and enable various functions from opting-in to a database, to delivering deals and alerts.

  • Send Sms

    SMS Text & Contact Lists building:

    Staying in constant contact with your customers is a huge plus and can offer valuable feedback in no time. We offer Automated SMS and text list building allowing for instant contact at a moment’s notice.

  • Sales

    Improve your sales today:

    It’s no secret-satisfied customers spend more money. Keep them coming back with exclusive promotions and even VIP access to particular products and services. Loyalty programs build loyalty. Push product offers & the latest updates directly to your consumers, offering them convenience & saving you money on printing and distribution.

Virtual gift Cards

Virtual gifts cards and offers:

Why do consumers shop online? Convenience. Keep pace with your customers by giving them the option to buy online and E-gift online. If a customer needs to send a gift a thousand miles away, they can simply visit your site, order an E-gift card, and it’s in the recipient’s possession in a matter of minutes.

How it works

The sender orders a virtual gift card from your site. After providing contact information and payment details, the recipient receives the E-gift card via email with a personalized message. The recipient can now either print it out and use it for tangible goods, or copy the number and type it in the place of a credit card or prepaid card while shopping online. It’s cost effective, simple, and easy.

Virtual Punch Card

Punch Card Virtual punch card:

Count how many cards you have in your wallet right now. How many club, restaurant, or membership cards do you have? How many of them do you actually use? How many of them are lying in the dashboard of your car among a pile of papers. How many punch cards have you lost over the years? Now, how many do you think your customers have? We’re guessing a lot. With a virtual punch card, we can eliminate this hassle, help you reduce your costs, minimize fraud and maximize security all at the same time. A virtual punch card is built using the SMS platform and can be sold to anyone around the globe. Setup is quick and easy and gives you access to vital consumer information. Not only is a virtual punch card easy on your pocket and great for your consumer, it’s also environmentally friendly. That’s a win-win for everyone!

Mobile coupons:

We give you the opportunity to create and manage valid and usable mobile coupons that will increase your brand loyalty. Check out these awesome features!

  • Get Freedom

    You get the freedom to track your mobile coupon by clicking on a display stats button.

  • Closet Locations

    Visitors can also find out the closest locations with the multiple location option.

  • Instant Access

    You’ll have instant access to customer information, including email addresses, member names, and numbers.

  • Special Code

    Customers can simply enter a special code to activate the coupon.

  • Date Scheduling

    Automatic starting and expiration date scheduling.

  • Social Media

    Share coupons via email and on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

  • Coupons

    Customize your coupons with images, photos, and videos.


Sajiton helps your business grow by increasing customer information in your database and making it easily accessible. You can stay in direct contact with your audience and give them exactly what they need. Greater exposure, increased revenue, and steadily increasing profits are just a few benefits you’ll experience from the text-to-screen option. It features guest lists, user grouping, automatic filters for profanity, automated updates, schedules, editable graphics, banners, language support, and much more. Here’s an at-a-glance look at some other benefits to text-to-speech:

  • Voting Polls

    Voting Polls

  • Bulk Sms

    Bulk outgoing SMS feature

  • Word Filter

    Built in word filter

  • Auto keyword Responce

    Automatic keyword response

  • Guest list

    Building guest lists Building guest lists

  • Social Media

    Social media sharing

  • SMS to win

    SMS to win SMS to win

  • SMS 2 TV

    SMS to TV & Twitter screen

Proximity marketing ( iBeacon):

Get the most out of iBeacon with Proximity marketing. The ideal mobile marketing mix is a mobile wallet and iBeacon; this will help your business engage your target audience. It is a strong marketing strategy adopted by leading businesses to build lasting customer relationships. You can enhance the consumer experience by sending custom messages by demographical segmentation. If you choose your marketing tools carefully, you can create an effective marketing strategy by combining traditional tools with iBeacon.

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