Sajiton designs, distributes, and manages Costumed Branded Passes to use with Apple Passbook for businesses with the platform and technology to easily implement an effective mobile marketing strategy - without the need of an app. Customers are always on their mobile devices and often forget about the paper and plastic found in their wallets.

Types of Custom Designed Passbooks available from Sajiton

  • MObile Coupons
  • Digital Stamp Cards
  • Store Card Solution
  • Many More...

Mobile Coupons

Increase foot traffic and improve your customer reach.

Mobile coupons allow you to instantly send promotional coupons straight to your audience's phone.

Mobile Coupons


  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Increase and entice spending.
  • Physical coupons are time consuming to distribute and have poor redemption rates.
  • Physical coupons are discarded and often forgotten about.


  • How

    Distribution methods

    Posters in public areas with QR codes, emails, online ads, and social media.

  • How

    Managing Data

    Track coupon redemption and user behavior.

  • How

    Coupon Validity

    Validate coupon quickly by scanning barcode.

The intimate relationship customers have with their smartphone makes mobile coupons an excellent way for you to engage with new and existing customers directly through their mobile device.

Digital Stamp Cards

A customer retention strategy that works

Build Customer Loyalty and Drive Store Visits

Small businesses such as coffee shops, local restaurants, or sandwich stores simply don't have the time to even think about marketing their brand or developing an effective loyalty program. Digital stamp cards reduce the barriers to entry into mobile and have provided businesses with the brand exposure that is necessary to win customers in today's society.

Propel your business and increase sales today!

  • Instantly launch an effective loyalty program without developing an app.
  • Increase customer loyalty and personally engage with customers on-the go through automated push notifications.
  • Grow your market base and turn new customers into repeat customers.
  • Track the success of your campaign through detailed analytics and data
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Digital Stored Value Card Solution

Customers top up their card balances wherever they are and transact with their digital stored value cards in your store. It's that simple.

Mob lef Img
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